Heaven Energy Ltd is a private jet acquisition advisory service and brokerage and is majority owned by the Cardini Group. Headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland Heaven Energy Ltd has been assisting private and corporate clients in buying and selling private jets and helicopters since 1993. Heaven Energy also acts as a consultant in the marketing and promotion of Gulfstream and Bombardier aircraft. Since inception, Heaven Energy Ltd has been actively involved in aircraft transactions in excess of $2.5 billion USD. Heaven Energy offers a personalised consultative approach that involves a comprehensive individualized needs analysis. Subsequent detailed assessments are provided to clients covering the following areas:

* Suitable product selection options from the primary market * Detailed comparative analysis of aircraft performance and operating parameters

* Realistic cost projections for acquisition, ongoing operation and maintenance costs.

* Contractual advice on warranty terms and conditions for new aircraft deliveries.

* Product selection options from the secondary market including impartial evaluation and appraisal referencing historical sales, current market conditions and offerings.

* Finance options, including negotiations of outright purchase, corporate leasing, hire purchase and shared / fractional ownership schemes including charter cards Logbook inspections, pre-purchase inspections, modification advice and supervision

* Comprehensive Operational Safety Report for short listed private jet manufacturers

* Post acquisition advice on aircraft insurance, hangar leases and fuel contracts President and CEO Gaddo Cardini has been involved in the aviation industry for over 30 years bringing an irreplaceable wealth of real life experience. The dynamic international team of aviation professionals at Heaven Energy make the ideal partner for your private jet and helicopter sale acquisition or sale. For anm obligation free consultation or for more information please contact us. Letters of reference :